TRANSFUSION Hackathon 2023 on #RareDiseases

When: July 7 - July 9, 2023 

Where: Capgemini, Bahnhofstr.30, 90402 Nürnberg

The TRANSFUSION Hackathon 2023 focuses on the topic of rare diseases. Together, solutions will be developed on how to make them even more visible to the public and how to master the challenges associated with them.  

The diagnosis of rare diseases is a challenge that causes great difficulties for patients and physicians alike. Due to their rarity, knowledge about many diseases is limited, information is not reliable, and experts are rare. As a result, patients often have to go through a long and arduous odyssey of doctor visits, examinations and tests before a correct diagnosis is made. 

A 2017 study published in the Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases found that, on average, it takes nearly five years for patients with rare diseases to be correctly diagnosed. This delay has a significant impact on the quality of life of those affected and their families. And in some cases it can even be life-threatening.

Task: Shortening diagnostic paths

Innovative solutions are therefore needed to shorten the time to diagnosis and enable patients to receive more targeted and faster treatment. These are of great importance not only for those affected themselves, but also for their environment.

The hackathon approaches the challenges in the context of two tasks:

1. How do I as a patient get a faster diagnosis?

2. How can I, as a physician, ensure that I also consider rare diseases when making a diagnosis?

All people who are interested in rare diseases are welcome at the TRANSFUSION Hackathon 2023. A cordial invitation to think about it and participate!

More information and registration: transfusion-oic.com 

TRANSFUSION 2023 is supported by the Eva Luise and Horst Köhler Foundation for People with Rare Diseases and is part of the Nürnberg Digital Festival. The digital society festival for the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region takes place annually over eleven days in more than 100 locations on site and online.

Illustration: Anne-Sophie Engelhardt
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