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Alliance4Rare: Current Call for proposals

Funding for research projects on rare diseases with manifestation in childhood - application deadline September 30, 2022 at 2:00 p.m.

The Alliance4Rare is an initiative of the Eva Luise and Horst Köhler Foundation for People with Rare Diseases. It combines the expertise of research-strong university children's hospitals with the civil society commitment of sponsoring foundation partners and aims in particular to promote young scientists. A central element of the projects will be the development of targeted therapeutic approaches for rare diseases with a manifestation in childhood. Innovative and promising research approaches that address the most urgent medical needs of patients are to be funded. medical needs der Patient:innen adressieren. 

Funding Objectives

The Alliance4Rare call addresses projects in the following three program lines: 


With this program line, the Alliance4Rare supports research on diagnostic procedures for the early detection of rare diseases with the possibility of preventing the occurrence of severe symptoms. Research projects on innovative genetically based procedures that aim to halt the progression of disease processes in the sense of secondary or tertiary prevention are also eligible to apply. Applicants must demonstrate that the project will lead to the establishment of a diagnostic procedure for the early detection of a rare disease or that the development of a therapy for a rare disease can be decisively advanced. 


Common disease patterns such as osteoporosis, cardiac insufficiency or obesity can now be classified by research into specific subtypes that are amenable to targeted therapy. Likewise, through specific research into rare diseases, further disease mechanisms of common diseases can be discovered, making the development of innovative therapeutic approaches for common diseases possible as well. Research projects on mechanisms that affect rare diseases and at the same time may also be relevant for the pathomechanisms of common diseases are eligible for funding.  


This program line is intended to support projects with existing approaches for therapy development (e.g. target identification, repurposing, gene therapy approaches), which would have to be stopped at least transiently without further financial support. Both basic research projects and the initiation of clinical studies are possible. It must be shown how the funding helps to maintain or accelerate translational developments with the goal of clinical application or to promote their sustainability. In addition, it must be explained why funding from other third-party funding sources is not or no longer provided. 

The assignment of project applications to one of these program lines must be clearly indicated in the application documents.

Grant recipients

he prerequisite for project funding of this call by the Alliance4Rare is concrete scientific activity in pediatric and adolescent medicine at one of the following locations: Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Universitätsmedizin Göttingen, Universitätsklinikum Carl Gustav Carus Dresden. Collaboration in the project with other national and international institutions such as state and state-recognized universities and university hospitals, non-university research institutions, as well as other health care institutions and providers (e.g. hospitals, practices) is explicitly desired. The collaboration of the named sites and institutions must be described in the application and a letter of intent from the institution should be included.

Funding period and amount of the Grant

The maximum funding period is 3 years, beginning no earlier than December 2022. 

The maximum amount of funding is 200,000 euros per year. Funding is mainly provided for human resources and, to a limited extent, for materials. In particular, positions for clinician scientists or advanced clinician scientists are considered eligible for funding. Funding for a Clinician Scientist can be provided at one of the three Alliance4Rare sites or at a cooperating partner site. The funding ensures protected time for research for physicians who have already completed 2-3 years of specialist training as a pediatrician and adolescent physician and can demonstrate a scientific interest in rare diseases. Advanced Clinician Scientists are applicants with specialist qualifications and with proven clinical activity as well as already documented accompanying scientific activity in the field of rare diseases.  

Application procedure

The application must be submitted by 30.09.2022 at 14:00 exclusively via the Portal of the Biomedical Innovation Academy des Berlin Institute of Health

Applications sent by e-mail or regular mail will not be considered. 

Please direct any queries to Dr. Franziska Krause: krause@elhks.de

The applications are reviewed by external experts using a point system. The decision on funding is then made by the Alliance4Rare steering group with the involvement of the Scientific Advisory Board.  

The curriculum vitae (incl. publications, third-party funding, etc.) of the applicant as well as a short English and German summary of the proposed project will be requested via the Biomedical Innovation Academy portal. If you are applying for personnel funding for Medical Scientists instead of Clinician Scientists, please also justify this in the corresponding field of the Biomedical Innovation Academy portal. 

Please also submit the following documents on the Portal of the Biomedical Innovation Academy

  • Project description (please use the appropriate form
  • Milestone plan (Please use the appropriate form
  • Financial plan (Please use the appropriate form
  • Assurance from the employer (Please use the appropriate form
  • Certificates and diplomas (please combine into one PDF) 
  • Short CV of the cooperation partners (Please combine into one PDF and use the cor-responding form
  • Endorsement of the application by the site manager (see Information Sheet for the Call
  • Letter of intent from the cooperation partners, as relevant. 

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