Film project by Britta Wauer
Showing face for more research on rare diseases
In the midst of the pandemic, filmmaker Britta Wauer portrayed companions and supporters of our foundation's work. In twelve episodes, the Grimme Award winner explores what drives people who work in research and science, in treatment rooms, meeting rooms or at their desks at home to ensure that (their) children with rare diseases can hope for urgently needed therapies.
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Article "Flying blind" - article by Eva Luise Köhler in the STERN supplement "Rare diseases"

In the current STERN supplement, Eva Luise Köhler emphasizes the importance of medical registries in the field of rare diseases

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Event notice Information events Rare Diseases Bavaria

Herzliche Einladung im Rahmen der Kampagne „Seltene Erkrankungen Bayern“: Informationsveranstaltung zum komplexen Schmerzsyndrom CRPS und zu SCN2A Mutationen.

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Dokumentarfilm Was uns am Leben hält - ein Film von David Sieveking

Ab dem 22. Februar 2023 ist in der 3sat-Mediathek der Dokumentarfilm "Was uns am Leben hält" abrufbar. Regisseur David Sieveking erzählt darin die bewegende Vater-Tochter-Geschichte von Gerald Uhlig-Romero und seiner Tochter Geraldina, die beide von der seltenen Erbkrankheit Morbus Fabry betroffen sind. Während Geraldina erwachsen wird, schwinden Geralds Kräfte, doch sein Wille durchzuhalten, bis seine Tochter auf eigenen Beinen steht, hält ihn am Leben.

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Film portrait Family Bopp Rescue beyond all likelihood

Within a few months, the previously lively three-year-old has become an apathetic, convulsing bundle. When the parents shortly thereafter also recognize the first symptoms of the mysterious condition in their younger daughter, a race against time begins. The fact that a highly effective therapy is finally found seems like a stroke of luck beyond all probability. But it is also a testimony to the fact that, in principle, a cure is possible if treatment is started in time.

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Event notice Expert symposium on the occasion of the International Day of Rare Diseases

Auch 2023 organisiert das Freiburger Zentrum für Seltene Erkrankungen (FZSE) zum internationalen Tag der Seltenen Erkrankungen wieder ein Fachsymposium, das sich an ein Fachpublikum sowie an Betroffene und Angehörige gleichermaßen richtet.  Herzliche Einladung!

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Film portrait Family Köhler Solidarity with the "orphans of medicine"

Early in her husband's first term, Eva Luise Köhler decided to lend her voice to people with rare diseases. In doing so, she became a "beacon of hope" for many. Her goal: more research so that all people can realize their right to health. The Köhler family was aware that such a mission would require many comrades-in-arms and staying power. "My wife set out to do this, and I admire her for it," confesses the former German president in an interview with Britta Wauer.

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